Velcro Hook And Dots

Velcro hook and dots are a combination of the Velcro dots and the Velcro fasteners. The entire thing is made up of a number of hooks and fasteners that will stick together. When they connect the hooks will connect onto the loops and secure chords and wires and other things.

These are made with 100% nylon and are designed for a variety of purposes. They have been designed with an adhesiveVelcro Hook And Dots back – which allows you to simply tear off the lining and place it directly to the wall or board of your choice. A small bundle of these costs around $3 and comes in black, white, tan, and clear.

Making A Velcro Board

  • Besides being able to control your wires and cords you can use the Velcro hook and dots to create a special board for your home or office. This board is easy to make, inexpensive, and can be used to create a collage of your favorite pictures or to write down important messages and shopping lists.
  • Purchase a cork board, any fabric of your choice, self adhesive Velcro roll, fabric glue, double sided tape, scissors, staple gun, straight pins, and ribbon of any color to match the fabric.
  • Lay the fabric over the cork board so that it covers it completely. The double sided tape will help to secure it around the edges and back of the board.
  • To keep the fabric from tearing you will secure it again – but this time with the staple gun. Use this near the edge – but not directly on it. Any excess fabric should be cut off.
  • Cut the strips of Velcro and place them onto the fabric. Remove the adhesive lining and place a small amount of fabric glue to the back of it. This will help to secure the strips.
  • Use the ribbon to decorate the edges of the fabric. The fabric glue will help to secure it.