Velcro Fastener

Velcro dots are great at trying to hold up lightweight pictures and small posting notes. It is a great way to hang up certain types of decorations in our children’s room or in various parts of our home without having to punch a hole into the wall. These dots are not the only useful thing that you are able to use.

Anyone who has any type of television, gaming console, stereo system, or computer understands how difficult it is to keep the cords in order. It seems that no matter how hard we try to organize them, they all become entangled and it Velcro Fastenertakes hours to fix it. The most effective and efficient way to help with this is to use a Velcro fastener.

This is an industrial grade pressure sensitive Velcro fastener. It is made with nylon – which is thick, durable, and quite tough. This premium quality material is made to secure around one or more cords and wires. While hooking up your entertainment center you will be able to secure them in one area and keep them from becoming entangled by securing this Velcro fastener around it. There are four different types of fasteners that cost around $3 to $15.

One Wrap - This is used to contain and bundle up small cords and wires. It is one of the smaller and general purpose Velcro fastener that can be used on one or multiple cords.

Reusable Ties - These are a smaller, economical fastener that is used to bundle up smaller cords for one single item.

Velstrap – These is a heavy duty fastener that is used to secure and cinch the much larger items. It is thick all around and perfect when you need something to keep your cooler closed.

Velstretch – This is similar to the Velstrap except that it is not as thick and is considered to be more durable and easier to use.