Invention Of Velcro

Velcro is one of the most useful materials that we use today. Manufacturers have created dots and fasteners that allow us to contain the numerous power cords running through out home and to place things up on the wall without having to use thumb tacks or a nail. Many of us take for granted something as small as this and we never stop to think about how it all came about.

This organizational item was created by the Swiss inventor George de Mestral during the 1940’s. One day after going out for a walk he noticed that his wool pants were covered in dog fur and tiny burs from plants. After looking at the burs underneath the microscope he saw that they had tiny hooks – which allowed them to grab onto fabric.

This gave him the inspiration to replicate the hook – but create two sides to it. On one side would be the hook and on the other side would be loops or fasteners that were similar to the fabric of his pants. After years of making this invention Mestral stumbled upon a fabric that was stronger and better to use – nylon.

He had not intended to use this – but one day it was delivered to his office by mistake. After examining it and noticing the qualities it had to offer he chose to use it. The nylon was such a durable material that it helped to make the Velcro stronger and more effecient.

We now use the Velcro hook and dots around the home and office. It costs around $3 for a small pack and $100 for anyone who needs to purchase it in bulk. These are easy to set up and can be reused in other places.

People will use them to secure lightweight pictures, posting notes, office supplies, and other materials. Black Velcro dots are the most common – but they are also available in white, tan, and clear.