Velcro Dots

Decorating our homes is something that none of us tire of. Each time we move into a new home we decide what color the walls should be and what new and old decorations we should put up. During this process we never stop to think about the mess that we are making and how difficult it will be too clean up when we move again.

The most popular way to hang up pictures, clocks, mirrors, and other decorations is to use nails. These are thick and sure to keep these large items securely on the wall. The only problem is that they have to be placed inside of a stud and Velcro Dotswhen you take the pictures down you are stuck with one or more holes in your wall that have to be filled.

The next time you go to hang up a lightweight picture or other decoration why not try to use Velcro dots. These are small dots that give you the freedom you need to hang certain things up. Half will stick easily to the wall and the other half will stick to the picture or post it note or whatever you will be using it for.

These can also be used to attach your cell phone holder to the dash in your vehicle and make it easier for you to talk hands free. You can place it inside of your kids room and hang up the numerous posters of their favorite bands and movie stars.

You will have the option of buying black, tan, or white Velcro dots to help match the room. Some will be large and others will be rather small Velcro dots. This consumer guide will help you to find the right type of adhesive Velcro dot you need and how much you will spend on it.